Best Countries in The World for Green Living


Green living is so much more than a choice of lifestyle. When you care about the environment and this earth, you are taking care of your home and making sure that your grandchildren will be able to enjoy it too. It is a lifestyle that a lot of people wants to adopt in this day of age, and not every country can be the best place for you to live as a green person. Here are some of the best countries that you should know so you can plan where to purchase your next house.


german viewAhead from the rest of the worlds, German has always been the number one country when it comes to green living. This country is advanced in technology, science, engineering, renewable energy, which makes green living accessible for anyone who wants to live in German. Aside from the that, it is also rare to stumble upon a country that allows another electricity provider apart from what the government has to offer. If you want to try green living and wonder where is the best place to start, then German is the perfect country that you should try first.

New Zealand

There are little to no things that you can complain about when living in New Zealand. The country is still green and has a lot of potentials that they are utilizing to the maximum. If you want to talk about waste management, recycling, and anything else relating to waste, then you should look into how New Zealand is taking home the trophy for the best country with an effective waste management system. Aside from that, the place cares about leaving trees and forest the way it is because they know better not to keep expanding the city area.


sweden river viewJust like New Zealand, Sweden is part of the Nordic Countries. And the trend that comes along with that is how much they value and respect nature. Taking a stroll in Sweden is not an experience that you can compare with anything that you have done in USA or Canada. Even if in the big cities that can make you feel suffocating sometimes, every town in Sweden can provide you with fresh air that makes your lungs happy. There are also a lot of properties that are for sale or rent near the countryside if you ever think of moving to Sweden.…

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