Buying property in California

California is one of the most attractive states in which you can consider settling. It is a state with pleasant climate and unbeatable social amenities. Moreover, it is a widely diverse state in which anyone can live, and laws are very friendly for those intending to buy homes. if you want to know how to sell your house fast “as is” in riverside california click on the active link. This article outlines how one can buy property in California.

Buying in California

CaliforniaIn California, the process of buying property is largely the same as other states across the United States. It all starts with you getting an agent who will find you properties that meet your desire. The agent will find as many listed properties as possible then discuss them with you. The final decision rests with you.


After going through the lists, you will agree on a price for the property you want; you will make a down payment that will reserve the property for you by getting it off the market. Then you will make a formal offer that will enable you to enter into a contract with the seller. The contract majorly lays out the terms of sale for the property in question. Although the contract is a legally binding document, you can still opt out if need to due to provisions in particular clauses.


Having signed the contract, you will make a 10% deposit into an escrow account. This deposit makes it possible for a title insurance company to cross-check the property to see whether it has a clean title. After this, you can close the deal once you complete the payment.

Transaction costs summary

In California, between 0.5% to 1% is charged for title search and insurance. Up to 0.5% is charged for your ownership registration. 0.5% to 1% is charged legal fees. Put together; the total purchase price is about 2% of the total cost of the property. The vendor caters for all agent’s commissions.


CaliforniaWelcome to California. A state where the range of choice for where to live is incredibly large. Though property in California is expensive compared to other states, they are still in very high demand. The expensive cost yet high demand could probably be because it is a prosperous state hence people spend a lot. Mortgages are available, just like in any other state in the United States. Important to note also is the fact that California, though prosperous, has one of the highest non-payment rates compared to other states. As a result, conditions for credit facilities are tighter.

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