A Comprehensive Buyers Guide For The Top Rated Bow

Archery is a sport that solely depends on accuracy. Without precision, you stand a less chance of shooting a deer or tight groups at extreme ranges or in areas with little light. Using a bow sight, you will achieve a more accurate shot at longer distances which is essential for target shooting or hunting. The bow sights attach to the riser of the bow, allowing you to pinpoint the exact point that the arrow should hit. Furthermore, bow sights enable you to adjust for wind speed, distance, and many other variables. Nonetheless, there are qualities that a good bow sight should have.

What it Takes to find the right bow sight

Right number of pinsarrows

The number of pins that you will need depend on the place that you hunt and the kind of shot opportunities that you normally run into. Therefore, it means that the number of pins depends on personal preference. Hence, it is advisable to try several options before reaching a conclusion on the number of pins you feel most comfortable with.

Specialty Sights

There are four types of bow sights; fixed pin, movable pin, pendulum, and 3D competition. Each bow sight is designed to fit a particular specialty. For example, if you hunt mostly from a tree stand, it is imperative to go for a pendulum sight. It is a sight that swings to adjust for ranges out to approximately 30 yards. Hence, making shooting from a tree an easy process since you will not be required to choose sight pins.

Sight lights

Sight lights are battery-powered lights which are either attached or built-in to the bow sights. These lights are used to illuminate the sight pins in the dark, making the act of shooting in low-light areas easier. Furthermore, fiber optic pins provide without having to be connected to a power source due to the nature of the material it is made of. Therefore, always go for a bow sight that lights up well and one that can be found if you use one.

Bubble level

boardBubble level is meant to help you minimize the chances of canting your bow. It aids to keep your bow upright and boost your chances of making an accurate shot. A canted bow results to a canted sight pin. Hence, a canted sight pin will alter the impact of the arrow by making it more severe as the range becomes longer than before. Therefore, the bubble level helps you avoid such occurrences.

Ease of adjustment

A good bow sight should have natural and subtle elevation and windage adjustments. Hence, it is advisable to go for sights that have an adjustment knob that allows for incremental changes. A bow sight with an adjustment knob makes fine tuning easier.

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